Article I: Statement of Purpose

To build community, and improve the quality of life and safety of the Fair Haven Community through the integration of neighborhood groups, businesses, and institutions working collaboratively with the Department of Police Services. The activity of the Fair Haven Community Management Team (FHCMT) may include, but is not limited to the development, implementation, and management of sustainable community development, economic opportunity, and community-based partnerships through strategic neighborhood planning in Fair Haven.

Article II: Membership

A. Membership is open to:

1. Any individual person of age 16 or over whose primary residence is in Fair Haven.

2. The owner or authorized representative of a business, an institution, or an organization with a physical address in Fair Haven or that does significant work in the Fair Haven neighborhood. For purposes of this definition, a P.O. Box does not serve as an address. Each business and institution is limited to one office voting member per meeting.


1. Each Fair Haven Community Management Team member, as defined by Section II-A. who has attended (either in person or online) 5 of the previous 12 meetings is considered a voting member. Attendance at the meeting at which voting is taking place is not counted in terms of voting eligibility. Members must attend at least 50% of a meeting to have their attendance counted.

2. The attendance of a representative of a business or institution shall be defined as attendance by that organization when the individual signs in stating that she/he is representing the said organization. It is the responsibility of a business or institutional voting member whose representative also qualifies as a resident voting member, to send a separate voting representative if they so desire (to satisfy membership/voting requirements). A person may officially represent only one business or institution at any one meeting. 

3. Voting is based on one-member-one-vote. If a voting member is unable to attend, they may appoint someone to serve as their proxy for the duration of a meeting. The voting member must provide written correspondence (eg. signed letter, an email to to officially appoint a proxy.  Therefore, each person who attends a meeting as a voting member shall have no more than one vote whether she/he attends a meeting as an individual or as a representative of a business or institution. 

4. A quorum constitutes 50% plus 1 of the voting members. Quorum is required to pass any votes during the course of a meeting. Any votes conducted outside of a meeting (e.g. online, by mail) must have at least 72 hours notice between the opening and closing of the vote.

C. The Fair Haven Community Management Team will consistently strive to reach all stakeholders, include our more marginalized residents in our work, and ensure the needs of all residents are represented.

D. In the event of extenuating circumstances beyond the control of the Fair Haven Community Management Team in which a member is not able to attend, members may petition the executive board to have affected meetings not count toward the ‘last 12 meetings’ as defined in Section II-B. Extenuating circumstances may include (but are not limited to) severe weather events, library closures, large scale internet/power outages, outbreaks of communicable diseases, etc.  All such petitions must be delivered in written form (e.g. a signed letter, an email to with an explanation of the barrier to entry to the affected meeting(s). The affected meeting(s) will not count towards the ‘last 12 meetings’ for petitioners upon unanimous approval of the executive board.

Article III: Officers

A. The Fair Haven Community Management Team will elect annually from among its members, two (2) Chairs, a Vice-Chair, a Treasurer, a Recording Secretary and a Corresponding Secretary which should reflect the diversity of the neighborhood. These members will comprise the executive committee.

B. At least one co-chair and two officers of the Fair Haven Community Management Team will preside at all meetings and nominate the heads of all subcommittees. 

C. The Vice-Chair will manage the roll and attendance at all meetings, as well as keep all records of attendance up to date. The vice-chair will also assist the chairs in maintaining matters of order and decorum at all public meetings.

D. The Treasurer will be responsible for the accounting and handling of the funds and will make monthly financial reports, as well as an annual financial report in January. The treasurer shall not issue any payments of which they are the direct beneficiary; such payments may only be issued by the corresponding secretary.

E. The Recording Secretary will be responsible for the contents of the minutes of the meetings and their distribution to members and will preside at all meetings.

F. The Corresponding Secretary will be responsible for all incoming and outgoing correspondence (including social media, email, etc.) and will assume the position of Recording Secretary in the case of his/her absence. In the event any payment must be issued that directly benefits the treasurer, the corresponding secretary will issue said payment.

G. No decision-making employee of the City of New Haven (pursuant to the City’s Code of Ethics) or any elected official will be eligible to hold elected office of the Fair Haven Community Management Team.

Article IV: Requirements for Legal Meetings

A. Robert’s Rules of Order will govern the general conduct of meetings. These rules, however, can be superseded by the needs of the community. In a meeting, a supermajority two-thirds (⅔) vote can be called to suspend the use of Robert’s Rules and use the best judgment of the body as long as a quorum of voting members has been met.

B. The Fair Haven Community Management Team will meet as designated. Meetings shall be scheduled no less than ten (10) times per calendar year. Meetings will normally occur on the first Thursday of the month at 6:00 p.m. Monthly meeting announcements will be made on the Fair Haven Community Management Team website and distributed via email.

C. The first Thursday of November each year shall be designated as the annual meeting unless otherwise noted. Elections for officers will occur at this annual meeting. Newly elected officers will take their positions at the January meeting.

D. The nomination process for officers will be announced at the September, October, and November meetings. People may nominate anyone who would like to serve the community, chosen from voting members as defined in Section II-B.

E. The Chairs or any executive officer may call special meetings provided that a majority of the officers agree to the need for a special meeting. A simple majority of the membership who have expressed an interest in Fair Haven may submit a request for a special meeting. This request must be made in writing to the Recording Secretary (e.g. a signed letter, an email to and approved by a majority of the officers. 

Article V: Removal of Officers

A. Elected officers may be removed for “cause” – an act that may harm the good name of the organization or its membership – or for missing three consecutive meetings, by an affirmative vote of two-thirds (2/3) of voting members present at a regular or special meeting which has met quorum.

B. In the event of a proposed removal of an officer, the petition to remove and the reasons for removal shall then be presented to all the members present. An opportunity shall be given to those members present, including the affected member, to explain and contest the reasons given to justify the removal. If voting members vote for removal from office, the Corresponding Secretary will notify the removed officer of the action in writing.

Article VI: Subcommittees

A. The Chairs will nominate the heads of all subcommittees. Approval of the subcommittees or appointment of sub-committee heads shall be approved by a simple majority of the officers and subsequently by the management team.

B. Unless otherwise specifically authorized, the power of subcommittees shall be advisory and limited to making recommendations to the full membership.

C. Subcommittees will be convened as needed. Specific policies and procedures will be developed by each subcommittee.

Article VII: Amendments

A. These bylaws have been voted on and approved by the officers of the Fair Haven Community Management Team and membership on the 8th day of October, 2023

These bylaws may be amended or replaced by a majority vote at a meeting of the Management Team after a written notice of the proposed amendment has been provided to members at least thirty (30) days prior to such a meeting.

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