This page is to help explain the “extenuating circumstances” bylaw amendment proposed at the September 2022 FHCMT Meeting.

The text of the amendment is as follows:

“In the event of extenuating circumstances that may render large segments of potential meeting attendees unable to attend, the Fair Haven Community Management Team board may–at its discretion–extend voting membership to those who have attended 5 of the last 12 unaffected meetings in addition to those who meet the existing voting membership criteria. This extension of the voting membership shall only be approved with a 2/3 majority vote of the standing board. Potential extenuating circumstances include any large scale event or disaster (both natural and fabricated) that could prevent large portions of the community from attending a meeting.”

Examples of allowable "extenuating circumstances"

The current model of determining voting membership is as follows:

The proposed amendment would allow the board to include people who meet the following criteria be counted among voting members:

This amendment would allow for people to use either definition for voting membership with board approval.

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